Simplify Client Management with Insurance Broker Software.
All-in-one Solution to Improve Brokers Productivity and Consolidate Business Critical Information

ibroker Analyzes Your Business & Expedites Claims Processing

iBroker is an insurance broker software for insurance brokers enabling in the design of customised and personalised software solutions for customers and insurance management. It leverages cutting edge technology combined with their knowledge and experience for increase and retention of business for different customer segments. iBroker helps insurance brokers perform this role effectively and efficiently.

Insurance Broker Software empowers 360° Control

Brokers are middlemen between the insurance company and the customers and act as a representative of the customers. For a broker to succeed, they need to present their customers with the best deals in insurance, provide a seamless experience, and complete all the tasks quickly. Therefore, a software solution designed for the brokers takes into account all the factors governing a customer relationship and keep brokers updated with the evolving business models. With our customized insurance broker software, you can provide the customer with a platform to indirectly interact with the insurance companies.

Key Attributes of iBroker System

Our insurance broker software offers multiple benefits to the users by assimilating modern technology and tools. The processes get streamlined in each stage and the software facilitates decision making.

Keep your customers engaged

iBroker allows you to automate and simplify the process of customer onboarding, i.e. the addition of a new customer to the system. You can create a new file and all the data digitally without the fear of loss or data theft. The suite also allows you a quick-view of all the policies of a customer. This keeps them connected to the system.


Manage the sales funnel

The insurance brokers can compare and contrast the various products by different insurance organisations with iBroker, i.e. configure the products as per customer needs. The system generates quotations as per the policy selected and benefits chosen from multiple underwriters to a customer on a single submission.


Streamline underwriting

iBroker configures the price of the premium and the benefits associated with each insurance policy. For every underwriter, you can prepare the premium plans as per the customer. You can also see a single view quickly the status of the quotations to the clients, the status of the proposal of policy, and the status of existing policies.


Customer management

Managing of customers is one of the most essential parts for an insurance broker. Therefore, iBroker places a high emphasis on service request monitoring. If a customer experiences issues with the broker, they can raise a ticket on the system. Also, the software aids in preparing and planning a customer engagement campaign and manage the product launch.


Financial management of business

Accounting and finance management of the business is as vital as generating revenue. A software suite should be able to easily align itself with the financial working of the business. With iBroker, you can attend to finance in one solution itself. The system allows you to generate and approve transaction, monitor their flow, and generate reports.


Safety and security

When you are handling sensitive data for hundreds of clients and are taking care of the finances as well in the system, it is essential that you are using a secure server and safe system. iBroker offers you this safe and secure environment. It has proper access control and authorisation level as per the organisational requirements.

Insurance Broker Software by Amity Software

Our insurance software offers a customized solution with multiple quotations from different companies generated with a single click to the customers. It also gives you reliable data analytics for informed decision-making in favor of the customers of your services. With Insurance Broker Software, you are also able to calculate and validate commissions and incentives from different insurance companies.

Customer support

Our technical team is readily available to offer support at any time of the day of the year.


Constant protection

We use encryption channels in insurance software to secure from unauthorized access.


Uninterrupted service

We use only the best components available in the proposed price segment.


Unmatched innovation

Our advanced and innovative insurance management software offers end-to-end services.