Amity ASSURE transforms your business process, increases operational efficiency, and overcomes the compliance issue with automation.

Amity ASSURE- Life Insurance Management Software

Amity ASSURE is a comprehensive life insurance software suite that enables companies to provide coverage to both, individuals as well as groups. Incorporating the latest technologies and coupled with the industry best practices, Amity ASSURE supports all core insurance functions for new businesses as well as reinsurance. It blends established technologies and cutting edge tools to provide stakeholders with a slew of choices for multimodal access over the web and mobile.

Adopt A Hassle-Free Approach with Amity ASSURE

Our life assurance software is built on a wide-angled perception. The primary aim of our suite is to streamline the business activities of your agency from A to Z. We help you see processes clearly, identify the blockades quickly, and suggest measures to resolve them in no time. In simple terms, we help you simplify the business book. Our life insurance software solutions has the capability to manage Property & Casualty insurance and its integration across the funnels like sales and claims. Our system is open for customisation which means you can request and add features as per your business needs to best suit the needs of your stakeholders.

Single overview of customers

If you have multiple clients spread across various geographical centres, it becomes hard to manage them all remotely. But not with Amity ASSURE. We allow you a single quick-view of the roles, the locations where the customers are, and the management of all of them in a single system.


Stay connected with your partners

One of the most difficult parts of life insurance businesses is to keep the insurers in the loop. But the key to this breakage lies in the integration and accessibility of the system that you are using. With Amity ASSURE, you can use the system for automated exchange of information with the clients.


Keep a check on the sales funnel

Life insurance companies are always on the lookout for ways to improve their customer retention rates. An important part of the process is checking the sales funnel. Amity ASSURE allows you to check the performance against sales goals and what new opportunities are present.


Maximise your business value

If your business solely relies on a single software system, then it is in grave danger. While Amity ASSURE is a capable software suite, it cannot manage processes that are not engineered. Hence, you need third-party software as well. But our system can be easily integrated with other systems to maximise your business value.


No more “Where’s the file”

The dashboard is a search engine for your business where every person is allowed access as per their grade. Every single document that you had the client fill is digitally stored within the system so that it is never lost. With Amity ASSURE, you can create multiple folder levels, search for a document, track client history, etc.


Omnipotent channel for customers

Great businesses take care of their customers but insurance companies have to make their customers feel like family. Amity ASSURE allows you to do just exactly that. With our system, you can integrate your customer portal with the system so that they are always in the system knowing about any policy information update.

Drive your business growth with Amity ASSURE

Improve your return on investment (ROI) through digital insurance solutions. It also allows you to create better relationships with the clients, grow opportunities for sales, access new markets, and plan the finances.

Customer support

Our technical team is readily available to offer support at any time of the day of the year.


Constant protection

We use encryption channels in insurance software to secure from unauthorized access.


Uninterrupted service

We use only the best components available in the proposed price segment.


Unmatched innovation

Our advanced and innovative insurance management software offers end-to-end services.